Please book in advance, although "The Ivanhoe" can carry 40 people we limit the number of guests to 25. 


We do not collect payment at point of booking - After we capture your reservation we will be in contact within 24hrs.  Please provide as much details as possible our trips are weather dependent and we may need to contact you!

Whales do not interact well if rough water, if we have to cancel a trip we will offer a 100% refund or will do our best to work with your next availability.

Shark and Whale Watching Combo

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The shark cage dive takes place out at Dyer Island, roughly 15 minutes by boat from Kleinbaai Harbour. The island is home to a colony of over 50 000 Cape Fur Seals – the white shark’s favourite food and primary source of nutrition.

Running between Dyer and neighbouring Geyser Rock is a channel of ocean so frequented by great white sharks that it has been dubbed ‘Shark Alley’. This is where we anchor for an up-close encounter with great whites.

The cage is dropped at the diving site and guests are allocated diving gear. Guests take consecutive turns in the eight-man floating cage to experience thrilling underwater views of this majestic apex predator. When not in the cage, passengers can enjoy sightings of the white sharks and other sea life from the viewing deck of the boat.

Great white sharks are an endangered species in South Africa with the most recent population estimated at 300-500 individuals around the entire South African coastline. Despite the fact that they have been protected since 1991, their numbers unfortunately continue to decline due to illegal poaching, the depletion of their food resources, beach nets and the most recent threat of orcas. Gansbaai is one of the only places in the world where these creatures congregate close enough to the coast line to offer a day excursion and allows you the best opportunity of potential sightings. This being said, please bear in mind that seeing a Great White shark is a privilege, not a guarantee.

In Whale Season

Whale Watching Trips - (June To December)

Our whale watching trips take place from June to December however, should the whales change their migration schedule (arrive early and leave later) we will adjust our schedule accordingly.  Generally the trip last 2 hrs, but can be longer depending on how quickly we find the whales.

At the start of the season we launch twice daily at 10am and 1pm, in main season (Aug-Sep-Oct) we put on an extra trip in the morning with a 7am launch and then from September on-wards an extra trip in the afternoon either 3:30pm or if a good sunset is forecasted a trip at 5pm.  The 5pm trip is truly a magnificent experience watching the whales bask in the shallow waters as well as experiencing a stunning Walker Bay sunset.